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Liquid level in IBS container

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Milesight EM500-UDL is designed for objects distance or level detection in harsh environments and transmitting data using LoRaWAN® technology. Compatible with S

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Remote level monitoring of industrial containers…

An innovative and cost-effective radar sensor is transforming remote level monitoring for IBC/IBS. level sensors that enable users to monitor liquid levels in containers. These sensors can be customized and be employed to monitor liquid levels, or they can be integrated with pump/valve control or high/low level alarms to automate the filling and emptying processes.

Chemical Tank Level Sensor 

Industrial containers come in different sizes, shapes, and materials depending on their intended use. Innovative Components offers customized products for manufacturers of drums, liquid containers, and intermediate bulk containers. Drums are cylindrical containers made of steel or plastic, typically with a volume of 208 liters (55 gallons). They are commonly used to store and transport oils, fuels, chemicals, or dry goods and are durable and easily transportable on a pallet.

Intermediate bulk containers, or IBC totes, are used for moving bulk liquids or slurries and have a volume of 1,040 or 1,250 liters, equivalent to five or six 208 liter drums. They are stackable and mountable on a pallet for easy transport and storage of food syrups, petrochemical products, or chemicals. IBCs can also be outfitted with a plastic liner for reuse with different products, and even be repurposed for home aquaponic systems.

Tanks are used to transport very large amounts of liquid, gas, powder, or other materials. They have a volume range of 17,500 to 26,000 liters, with some tanks smaller or larger, and are loaded and unloaded directly while in the frame. The industry has seen a bit of volatility with regards to revenue due to fluctuating gas and oil prices but is expected to stabilize over the next five years. With a focus on steel usage, costs are anticipated to decrease, making it easier to produce.

Innovative Components offers water level sensors to monitor the amount of liquid in a container. These sensors can be customized in material and length and are available in four different series. The LLTM series uses a built-in tape measure to determine the tank reading, while the LKI series is a multipoint system with LED lights to display the reading. The CLM series is accurate to ¼” and the ultrasonic distance sensor is the most accurate, suitable for tanks up to 30ft deep. These sensors can be used for monitoring liquid levels or in conjunction with pump/valve control or high/low level alarms to automate filling and emptying processes.