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Aircom ATEX zone '0' approved mult IO

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Aircom ™is a self-contained, battery-powered Lorawan communications device ATEX zone 0 capable of collating data from various instruments.

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Aircom ™is a self-contained, battery powered communications device capable of collating data from various instruments. With its powerful ARM microprocessor, it can act as a datalogger, RTU or PLC for monitoring and control applications. It has been designed to
withstand harsh environments and transmit data from the asset to any Command Centre globally. It’s easy to install and configure with
its Mobile Bluetooth App and can be left to operate without human intervention.

  • Key Features Include:
    No communications infrastructure costs via
  • 25mile proven transmission range (location
  • Ability to communicate globally with the
    ‘Internet of Things’ 
  • ATEX Zone 0 Applications
  • IP55 environmental protection (IP68
    available upon request)
  • Wide range of data inputs and outputs
  • Powers the connected instruments
  • Integrated I.S. barriers for each channel
  • Up to 10+ years battery life (dependent on
    logging / transmission rate)
  • Battery can be changed in hazardous areas
  • Other external power options available
  • Device set up and configuration by Mobile Bluetooth App
  • ARM microcontroller provides wide range of intelligent monitoring options
  • Secure end to end data encryption for cybersecurity

Material  ABS
Aircom Weight 1.52kg
Battery Weight 0.19kg
Aircom Dimensions  476mm H x 116mm W x 85mm D
Battery Dimensions 83mm H x 51mm D
Ingress Protection  IP55 (IP68 available upon
Permissible ambient temperatures  20⁰C 60⁰C / 4⁰F 140⁰F
Approvals / Certification ATEX II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga ( 20 ≤ Ta ≤ +60 60°C)
Directives EN IEC 60079   0: 2018, EN 60079 11: 2012
Power Battery 3.6V, 19Ah, Lithium Thionyl Chloride
Auxiliary Power 12VDC, 50mA, 0.6W
Communications LoRaWAN EU 868MHz LoRaWAN US 915MHz
Inputs / Outputs x2 Analogue Channels  x2 HART, x2 4 20mA Passive, x2 4 20mA Active, x2 10 10V, x2 PT100 3 Wire, x2 PT100 4 Wire, x2 PT1000, x2 Ohms, x2 POT, x2 mV x4 Digital Input Channels x4 Volt Free, x2 Voltage input, x2 PRX NAMUR, x2 Counter x2 Digital Outputs x2 20mA @ 16.4VDC x2 Serial Comms Channels RS485 or RS232