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Oyster EDGE GPS and Bluetooth Tag Gateway

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Oyster EdgeUltra-rugged, Indoor/Outdoor battery-powered GPS asset tracking device and Bluetooth® Gateway. Features cloud-based location solving for 10+ years of

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Oyster Edge

Ultra-rugged, Indoor/Outdoor battery-powered GPS asset tracking device and Bluetooth® Gateway. Features cloud-based location solving for 10+ years of battery life.

  • GNSS (GPS/BeiDou), Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, and Cell Tower location for indoor/outdoor asset management
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 Gateway for tagged asset management and sensor monitoring
  • Deploy-once battery life with up to 10+ years on only 3 x AA user-replaceable batteries
  • Cloud-based location solving (versus on-device) for substantial power savings
  • Tracks assets when they’re on the move and enters sleep mode when stationary to save power
  • ‘Battery Low’ and ‘Battery Critical’ alerts
  • Weatherproof and ultra-rugged IP68, IK07 housing
  • LTE-M / NB-IoT Connectivity

Cold Chain IoT Solutions

Reliable cold chain temperature monitoring systems ensure the safety and compliance of cold chain assets in storage and transportation en route to their destination.

Our range of cold chain monitoring telematics devices combines sensor monitoring and GNSS tracking to ensure critical assets are always accounted for and kept at safe conditions during

 transport. Our integration-ready devices are designed with the capabilities to meet the unique needs of your operation — from temperature, humidity, and moisture monitoring, to indoor to outdoor asset tracking, detailed fleet management with driver behavior reporting, and theft recovery solutions that provide live tracking for asset retrieval.

Cold Chain Management

Install Bluetooth Low Energy sensors in temperature/humidity-sensitive trucks, freezers, or packages to maintain safety and compliance.

Enhanced Fleet Management

Utilize Bluetooth fuel level and fuel flow monitoring probes, axle load meters, tire pressure and temperature sensors, and more for a robust and wire-free fleet management solution.

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Capture Critical Data

Monitor and record location, movement history, trailer temperature monitoring, humidity, moisture, door open/close, and more with our versatile and rugged range of GPS tracking devices for cold chain management. Custom geofencing tracks the movement of your cold assets and sends alerts when assets enter or leave specific locations. Devices can also be tailored with location-based behaviors. Preventative maintenance alerts, impact detection, and theft recovery reduce costs for loss and inefficiencies in operation.

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Track more with Bluetooth® Low Energy

Several of our devices combine GNSS and Bluetooth® Low Energy to not only track location, but also report on nearby Bluetooth tags and sensors to gather critical environmental data such as temperature and humidity, as well as data from vehicle components and other onboard assets.

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Safety and Compliance

Maintain safety and compliance with a complete cold train tracking solution. Real-time refrigerated trailer tracking devices provide the data you need when you need it. Cold chain storage and truck temperature monitoring solutions require nuanced needs to ensure safety and compliance to prevent compromise of assets, such as food and pharmaceuticals, that require sensitive temperature regulation and reporting.

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Risk Mitigation

Each stage of the cold chain provides the opportunity for risk that can be avoided and managed with GPS trackers with temperature sensors to ensure the integrity of products and assets. With the power of real-time data provided by refrigerated vehicle tracking devices, the safety and reliability of cold chain equipment and assets can be monitored, and preventative solutions can be implemented in the case of equipment failure or temperature loss.

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Vehicle & Equipment Monitoring

Vehicle temperature monitoring systems applied to refrigerated trucks and trailers can also not only provide reports on temperature monitoring; cold chain trackers can also provide insights related to driver behavior and safety and aid in theft recovery with GPS tracking features.

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Reduce Paperwork

Reliable record keeping ensures that assets are properly managed, and temperature monitoring devices for shipping and storage ensure regulatory compliance. Manage records in detail with GPS temperature tracking and sensor monitoring reporting that digitally send data to the software platform of your choice, reducing record-keeping complications and errors.