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EMU 3-phase MID approved power meter with LoRaWAN interface, Internal antenna. 3x230/400V, 50/60Hz, Indirect using current transformer /5 and /1A, two tariff co

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3-phase MID approved power meter with LoRa interface, Internal antenna. 3x230/400V, 50/60Hz, Indirect using current transformer /5 and /1A, two tariff

Key features highlights :

EMU Professional II 3/5 LoRa

  • 3-phase power meter
  • Internal LoRa antenna
  • 3x230/400V, 50/60Hz
  • Indirect using current transformer /5 and /1A
  • MID approved for billing purpose and submetering
  • Template in TTN Network available, Decoder available in Github
  • Payload configuration using downlink messages

Developed and manufactured by EMU Electronic AG in Switzerland.

Description :

The 3-phase electricity meter "EMU Professional II 3/5 LoRa" for DIN rail mounting features a built-in LoRa interface. The power meter EMU Professional II is suitable for energy management as per ISO 5000, submetering and billing.


  • Bidirectional three-phase electricity meter with LoRa interface
    • Built in LoRa interface and external SMA LoRa antenna connector.
  • LoRa interface, class C
  • 3x230/400V
  • Indirect using current transformer /5 and /1A
    • CT ratio can be configured 5/5 up to 20.000/5A, 1/1 up to 4000/1A
  • MID B+D, for billing purposes
  • Accuracy class B (1%)

LoRa interface

To ensure a stable, high-performance connection to the LoRaGateway, the LoRa interface continuously adapts the optimal transmission and reception parameters.
For easier integration of the electricity meter, the status of the LoRa network connection can be accessed on the display at any time.

  • Frequency band EU 863 870MHz
  • Type: Class C device
    • Two-way communication.
    • LoRa interface is always ready to receive (Class C).
    • The LoRa interface has a signal strength of 14dbm. 

When operating the LoRa power meter EMU Professional II 3/5 on a LoRa network which does not support Class C devices, the power meter EMU Professional II will work as a Class A device. 

LoRa Decoder 

On the TTN network, the electricity meter EMU Professional II 3/5 LoRa is immediately available as a template.
For easy integration in other systems, we offer the LoRa decoder in GITHUB. Link: GITHUB LoRa Decoder 

LoRa power meter configuration ex factory

Every LoRa electricity meter has the following factory configuration 

  • JoinMode: OTAA
  • DevEUI  (starting with 102CEF)
  • Appkey
  • AppEUI  (10 2C EF 00 00 00 00 00) 

The DevEUI and the AppKey can be read on the display, the AppEUI is always 10 2C EF 00 00 00 00 00 

LoRa electricity meter readings

  • Active energy consumption (kWh) and supply (kWh)
  • Reactive energy consumption (kvarh) and supply (kvarh)
  • Active power (kw) 
  • Reactive power (kvar) 
  • Apparent power (kVA)
  • Current (A)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Number of voltage failures
  • Current transformer ratio


Reading and setting parameters is user-friendly by a 38x28 mm graphic LCD display with LED backlight. This provides excellent visibility of numbers and letters.
Display language e.g. english or german can be selected by the keys.

Indirec electricity meter configuration

Touch-sensitive control buttons are used for configuration. A sealable service button must be pressed for each configuration change e.g. configuration of the current transformer ratio.
Using the control buttons a new LoRa key can be generated or a re-join can be started.

S0 pulse output

The 3-phase electricity meter EMU Professional II 3/5 LoRa features a configurable S0 pulse output for active or reactive energy 

  • Pulse rate per kWh / kvarH: 1,10,100, 1000 or 10000
  • Pulse length in milliseconds: 2ms, 10ms, 30ms, 40ms, 120 ms


The 3-phase indirect power meter with LoRa interface is manufactured in Switzerland by EMU Electronic Ltd.

Pioneer of measurement technology: EMU developed the world first digital power meter

Since its founding in 1989, EMU has been developing and producing energy meters for monitoring
and billing purposes, data loggers and software solutions for energy management and billing.
This allows users to manage and bill consumptionin the era of IoT in a completely new way.
EMU uses leading edge technologies to provide future oriented products with innovative features plus world-class customer service.